11 May 2012

Writers' groups

Writing can be a lonely task. You may spend hours putting fingers to keyboard or pen to paper. Without feedback, however, it is difficult to know if you are getting it right, if you are communicating your story, your message. The Alchemy Press recommends that you join a writers’ group, where like-minded folk can read your work and make constructive comments. There are online groups but if you can find one which meets regularly, face-to-face, the benefits are enormous.

In our local area we set up The Renegade Writers’ Group. It’s been running for well over a year, meets weekly, and is going from strength to strength. Check out the Renegade’s blog or join them on Facebook.

11 April 2012

Designing your publication

Besides helping writers with their manuscripts, the Alchemy Press will also help small press publishers with their design work, in order to produce a final publication that looks as good as the writing contained between its covers. Yes, the content is important. Equally important is the appearance of the final book or eBook. More information can be found here.

08 March 2012

Westview Writers' Workshop

Weekend Residential Course

Are you a writer looking to take the next step towards publication? Or you need a helping hand with your story or novel. Our weekend workshop could be the answer. So join us at Westview Guesthouse, for a weekend of writing – stretching the imagination – just a few minutes from Hay-on-Wye, the town that is built on books.

The course is on 18-20 May with tutors Peter Coleborn from Alchemy Press and Jan Edwards from Oldhaven Books. The course is all inclusive with accommodation, meals and tuition over the weekend.

Please pre-submit up to 2000 words of fiction (a short story or the start of your novel; no poetry), should you wish, for one-to-one feedback on Friday evening.

Check out the website for full details. It's only a click away.

19 February 2012

Help for the writer is on its way...

The Alchemy Press is pleased to announce its new service for writers -- manuscript editing and proof reading.